Word: “Those who put their trust in their money will fall flat, but the godly will thrive like the green leaves of  spring.” (Proverbs 11:28)

Wonder: Money is power, but it is not the power of real life. Money can buy you many things, but not the greatest of things, love. You can be dirt poor and yet, by faith in God, have genuine abundance of life. Are you caught up in “making a living” or are you making your living being about God? What would be the judgment of those closest to you if they were asked this question? Decide to thrive; invest your life in serving God through his son, Jesus Christ.


One thought on “thrive

  1. We may be feeling overwhelmed with the present and future of our personal finances these days. But, are we missing out on the smaller things in life? Most of us do not think much of these leaves other than they can make our buildings look more appealing from the street. It is amazing how such a small leaf can have the impact that it does in the bigger picture of life. Through the process of photosynthesis (remember elementary science class?) these leaves will produce an abundance of oxygen, enough to sustain all of the needs of this plant, plus some. The plant does not squander away the excess waiting for a day that it will run short, it gives the oxygen away. It does this, because it does not worry about tomorrow, it has the confidence that all of its daily needs will be met. This greater plan allows others, like you and me the ability to meet our own body’s daily needs. So take in that deep breath and enjoy the daily gift GOD has given us all. Bless someone else today, the same way these leaves have given to you. Not everything in life is about money.

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