who can you call?


Word: “When I find myself in an emergency, I call on the Lord and he answers me.” (Psalm 120:1)

Wonder: Are most of your prayers motivated by troubles in your life or by other matters? Why?


One thought on “who can you call?

  1. Most of my prayers are motivated out of the need to talk to God through my brother, Jesus. I’m not a leader as much as a follower. I’m not the boss as much as the employee and I really do not want control. So, I tend to look to the people in control and who I trust will have answers to my problems. However, that doesn’t mean I wait until there is an emergency to pray. Life is full of disagreements, messes and concerns and is very daily. I believe there is not other that sees all, knows all and is in better control of my life than our Lord. I also call on the Lord when things are going well and thank Him. When I travel far and arrive safely, I pray a prayer of thanksgiving. And when there are emergencies, I know God is there and will help ease the situation and give peace in the midst of the storms.

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