beauty that lasts


Word: “Because of the living, lasting word of God, you are no longer mere mortals, but have become God’s own children. Isaiah said, ‘Everyone is like grass, full of glory like the flowers of the field; yet while the grass dries up and the flowers fade away, the Lord’s word never passes away.’ And this is the word that was preached to you.” (1 Peter 2:23-25)

Wonder: Fragile beauty pops up all over this time of year. And yet, while we admire it and stand in awe of it, we know it will last only a little while. The same is true of our lives. We are here only for a short time. What we need in our brief time here is what truly lasts – the life-giving words of God. What are your Bible reading and meditation habits like these days?


One thought on “beauty that lasts

  1. Yesterday I saw some pretty, tiny white flowers growing through a crack in the cement. They appeared to be thriving even though they were doomed to die as they were trapped with no room to grow. I can relate to the little flowers trying to live in the cement. Occasionally there is nourishment from the small amount of soil beneath its roots or raindrops falling on its petals. I could make all sorts of metaphors here about being the small flowers, the world being the cement and the scriptures (Christ words) being the nourishment working to keep the flowers alive. My life is the flower in a world of cement cracks. The scriptures give me what I need when I thirst and hunger for more than what I have now.

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