just so much sewage


Word: Because of Christ, what I used to consider personal gain I now see as loss. Because Christ Jesus my Lord is worth far, far more, I consider everything else loss. And so, for him, I have lost all things. Compared to gaining Christ and being found in him, everything else is worth no more than what’s just been flushed. (Philippians 3:7-9a)

Wonder: If the good is the enemy of the best, what has it really cost you to be a Christian? I’m not talking about the bad things you’ve said ‘Goodbye” to that you had no business being tangled up in anyway. I’m talking about what sort of ‘pluses’ have you turned your back on so as to gain the ultimate plus – knowing Jesus and the goodness of his rule in your life as Lord a bit better. Why is Jesus worth such to you?


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