see how you hear


Word:  “Listen up! … If you have ears, you need to hear this. … Satan shows up and takes the word away from some as soon as they hear God’s word. Others … gladly take in the word, but never really can take root. Troubles and trials take their toll on them and so, they dry up. Still others, are like seed that fell on ground covered with stickers. They hear the word and take root a bit, but never amount to anything cecause this life’s worries, the tricky ways of wealth, and all the things they want choke the life of the word out of them. But the hearts of some people are good ground. When God’s word falls on them they hear the word, embrace it and find that their life produces a bumper crop.” (Mark 4:3,9,15-20)

Wonder:  What are you doing with what God plants in your heart? How are you prepping the soil of your spirit to take in and embrace what he says? What do you find helps you really listen to, and treat right, what he sends your way in terms of his word?


One thought on “see how you hear

  1. Right now that is hard to say what I do with what I “hear” God’s word saying to me. I suppose I contemplate it’s significance in my life. When I read the passage printed here I most identified with the seed that fell on ground covered with stickers. At least that is how I think for now. Life’s worries, what people think about my life, cares not so much of “great wealth”, but simply of paying the bills, seem to take over sometimes. Although I think my heart is on good ground. It seems like God is continually calling me back, whispering words of encouragement, leading my life through other people & their stories, through good thoughts, scripture, and concern for other people. So what am I doing with what God plants in my heart? Sometimes I take action and sadly sometimes I don’t. No clear cut answers, but prayers that I will see God’s messages and what I should do about the issues I face.

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