Word: “Do not hoard up for yourselves treasures on earth; if the moths and rust don’t destroy it, thieves can break through and steal it. Instead, store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. There are no moths there, nor is there any rust. In heaven, there are no thieves to break through and steal. Consider this  – wherever you store your treasure, that is where you will find your heart.” (Matthew 6:19-21)

Wonder: Why are we so prone to invest our lives in “stuff” rather than heaven and what is truly “heart-healthy?”


One thought on “rust

  1. I think human nature, to an extent, is to seek the path of least resistance or the easiest option. Gauging our lives or making investments on physical, tangible, earthbound stuff is easier. I can see (literally see with my eyes) a nice house, a big screen TV, a beautiful spouse, an impressive job title, a washboard stomach, a high IQ score, a large circle of friends, etc. It is harder for our human brains to conceptualize and focus on unseen, eternal, heavenly treasures. Even if we acknowledge that those treasures or far superior to ‘stuff’ we are still human and slip into the framework of our daily earthly lives.

    So the short answer is: it’s easier to focus on ‘stuff.’

    The application and reminder for me is to realize taking the easier option will result in inferior results. No pain, no gain. Doing the hard work to invest in and keep our eyes/focus on the heavenly rewards will keep me on track for the ultimate eternal reward.

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