looking for an answer


“… if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, if you look for it as though for silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand what the fear of the Lord is, the knowledge of God you will find.” (Proverbs 2:3-5)

In your quest for understanding the Lord, where have you most consistently found food for your soul? Is it in personal quiet times of Bible study, prayer or reflection? In gatherings with others who believe? In “chance” insights that become apparent in the midst of everyday doings? Where? Why do you think this is?


6 thoughts on “looking for an answer

  1. I think the picture posted is one you took at Galveston just after the storm. If you paned out or turn 180 you would see quiet a different scene. To stand in that spot a few days before is very different from the peace it depicts in the picture and the renewing process that had already begun.
    Last spring after a work day at camp in Columbus I was resting looking out over the camp trying to see a vision of what could be done to change thing for a more permanent existance there for future generations. You know, stop putting Band-Aid after Band-Aid on the same old problems. I noticed the ground where a water pipe had been replaced and the grass had started to cover the bare spot with green again and one of the big oak trees that had lost some limbs to a past storm had new oak leaves and branches starting to grow. By contrast I look at the buildings we had built or repaired and could see some of the obvious attention they needed.
    Paning out to see the bigger picture, and to get to the point, everything man builds starts to deteriorate from the monent the last nail is driven or the final coat of shinny paint is applied but by contrast everything God created starts to rejuvenate and renew itself.
    In the application of this for understanding God and finding food for the soul, I like to think of our lives if directed by us will continue to deteriorate, but if left to God will be renewed. I found it at a quiet place near Columbus!

  2. Things in nature are a constant reminder that in this world that is so full of problems, we can see that God is still at work and we can find peace, if only for a short time, just looking at his handiwork.

  3. In your quest for understanding the Lord, where have you most consistently found food for your soul? Living overseas now for this our 13th year, it is the Church. It is very comforting to know that in Egypt, Kuwait, or the United Arab Emirates, that there will be a Church and fellow Christians. We are indeed family and one that we can draw strength from. Here on earth are the sunrise and sunsets that remind me of his majesty.

    Kim Shoemaker

  4. When I look at this picture of the Gulf, the beach and the sea gulls, I can imagine myself standing probably where you did to take the photo. As I stand on the wet sand and look out over this expanse of water, I see how huge God has made this body of water, but I see no one. Then, I turn to either side of me and look as far as I can see down the sandy coastline and still see no one. So big is this place God created! Then, turn my eyes to God’s creatures moving closer to where I am standing. I watch the little sea gulls as they scurry on the sand. The gulls scavenge for any bit of food they might eat. They intently search running around the sand, calling to each other, bent on finding any morsel of treasure they can claim as their own and then calling out to others. That is when I realize I am not alone in my own search.

    I feel a lot like those sea gulls sometimes. Running, searching, calling out to others for help. Where do I find my solace in todays society? I find it in meaningful worship with other Christians who possess more faith and understanding of God than I can muster. My sisters and brothers who have found that morsel of spiritual food, who call out to me to come, feed upon what they have found, feeds my soul.

    I guess I’m a needy person. I need spiritual renewal and feeding on the treasures discovered by God’s children who excitedly call to me. Looking at the ocean, standing alone on the beach, I feel alone and lost. Turning my eyes toward the cries of brethren who have found God’s treasure, gives me hope and strength to continue my own search for understanding.

    “I know my Redeemer lives.”

  5. For me it mostly occurs in the silence of early mornings as I wait on the Lord. Quite honestly, there are times I seem to wait longer than others. Some days I don’t seem to find deeper understanding or feel fed. I’ve found that for me it really requires me to quiet my soul and listen ready to hear whatever God has to show me. Which by the way often seems to be something I don’t necessarily want to hear from him. He’s often calling me to grow in some way. To let go of something. To repent.

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