the rocks cry out

The Lord is … great in power. … The earth trembles at his presence … rocks are shattered before him. (Nahum 1:3,5-6)

And then Jesus gave up his spirit as he cried out in a loud voice. At that moment … the earth shook and the rocks split … (Matthew 27:50-51)

Why do you believe the Son of God actually walked on this earth? What sort of things speak to you of the reality and abiding presence of the Lord?


4 thoughts on “the rocks cry out

  1. Well, first I KNOW that Jesus (the Son of God) came to this earth planning on dying on the cross so that he can save me from the consequences of my sins. He walked on this earth to live a perfect life and become an empty vessel to take my sins and the sins of everyone else and pay that huge debt with his own life. Death is the price and punishment for sin and it has to be paid somehow.

    At the moment, the things that speak to me about God’s presence right now is the shear power and awesomeness of hurricanes. Especially in this kind of urban area, near a big city where so many people have money and the ability to do pretty much whatever they want, it takes something that is so powerful and completely out of our control to stop or steer away to remind us that we are not in control. We are very much helpless and without a hope in the world to accomplish anything when we do things apart from God. It’s a reminder to me of how much I really do need his help to make it through any day.

  2. Things that remind me of God’s presence is the health of my family. How the body can heal and how the body works. We are His, we are the Temple, He dwells in us. I find nature remarkable…after all, God made that also. Lastly, the institution of the Church. Where ever I am in this world, I can find Christians that will strengthen me and I hope, I also strengthen them.

  3. There are things in our lives that seem as solid as these rocks. But, just as the rocks in the picture, what may seem solid can be shattered in an instant. We would be wise to realize that there is only one foundation that can never be moved or broken. I am sure we all know what that is. All other ground is sinking sand, whether it seems like it or not. Let us not put our faith in things that haven’t earned it.
    Go with God brethren.

  4. I have struggled with not “feeling” that God loves me; I have prayed for YEARS that I would experience some sensual validation of His presence in my life, something that would convince me of His personal reality. 2 weeks ago, in church God responded, but in a totally unforeseen way. For the first time I began to FEEL my guilt and shame as a sinner, at the same time I actually FELT His love and forgiveness… wow…I had it all backward- the solution can only be appreciated in light of the problem, and I needed to experience my problem first; the reality of God is clearly revealed in a general way to everyone, but He becomes known when we confess our sins and ask forgiveness.
    Ches smith…lindasman

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