making obstacles for others

“Instead of passing judgment on each other, let us make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of any brother or sister.” (Romans 14:13a)

When you catch yourself making life unnecessarily difficult for others and you get around to asking yourself “Why am I doing this?”, what do you usually find to be the answer?


6 thoughts on “making obstacles for others

  1. Not long ago a speaker suggested that the reason God forbade access to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden was because it was the means that enabled the practice of judgment, with all its attendant evils. It was a very thought provoking. A seemingly innocuous and desirable thing leads to mankind’s most devastating habit.

  2. I happened to have “Good Morning America” on when I read this post. The piece being discussed dealt with people in the workplace that create problems just so they can swoop in, solve the problem and be seen as the hero. That illustrates the length’s that some people will go to just to make themselves appear in control. Creating problems, making life difficult for others, being judgmental, or as Paul says, “…being an obstacle, in the way of our brother,” all point to people making life difficult to make themselves look better than they really are. You posed a good question, “Why am I doing this?”…Jesus said it another way, “…you without sin, cast the first stone.” Its all about stone throwing. Who among us are without sin?

  3. I try not to be a stumbling block to others, but human nature sometimes gets in the way. Why do we do this? I think a large part of the answer is ME, myself and I. We put ourselves first, before God, before others and often leave God out all together for to long of a time. If we can keep Christ as our center, then we will be more focused on helping others than ourselves.

    Thanks David for these provoking thoughts for our daily lives.

    Kim Shoemaker

  4. Wow. Good question! As a professional event planner…um, I mean youth minister…I have to constantly ask myself why am I doing a certain thing! Everything that we do through the youth ministry has to have a purpose. I never purposely try to place a stumbling block in someone’s path. My calling (I don’t like to call it a “job”) is to help people avoid stumbling blocks in the first place. Of course I’m human and I do tend to be a stumbling block myself, but when it does happen, I find myself leaving God out of the formula of my ministry or my family and try to do everything myself. As men we tend to do that. We want to be the fixers. It’s our responsibility (again, not “job”) to provide and protect. When we push God out of His role as a Father, things tend to fall apart. There is a Christian rock band called Thousand Foot Krutch that has a song called “Falls Apart” that discusses that very well.

    To answer the original question of “Why?” though, I guess the answer is “Because I’m a sinner and in need of a Savior and THANK YOU GOD for providing one!”

  5. To me, being an obstacle in the way of others is most often about “self.” When we choose to create obstacles in the way of others ideas, opinions and desires it’s an example of our egocentric selves emerging. James 4:1 says in more eloquently than I…What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? When I witness or find my own self being an obstacles of negativity, or not including others thoughts and opinions, I remember what Romans 12 calls me to do…Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Live in harmony, and practice hospitality.
    The gospels tell of Christs divinity but also his unfailing example of humanitarianism, how he lived his life here in kindness and tolerance. Choosing to remember his humanitarianism I’m reminded that we can’t measure goodness by what we resist, deny ourselves or who and what we exclude. Instead measure it through kindness and tolerance in what we choose to embrace and create with others, and who we include.

    Thanks David, and as always brother
    may God bless your efforts.

  6. I try not to do that, I have had that done to me so meny times. And I konow how bad it hurts. People are mean by nature,even those who have Christ in ther lives. You may be a Christan but, we all stumble and fall. Becky

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