what we need

“We are in need of some clear, sensible reflection on fear – how to acknowledge it without being manipulated by it, how to resist it without assuming we should (or could) be fearless, how to receive it as a gift (if it can be a gift) without letting it dominate our lives. This is especially important among Christian who seek to follow Jesus, for Jesus’ words, and more so his life, do not promise safety. Following the teachings of Jesus will involve us in risky practices like clothing the naked, visiting the prisoner, caring for the sick, welcoming the    stranger, and feeding the hungry (Matt. 25:31-46).

“Christian discipleships, that is, following Jesus, will mean surrendering the power that masquerades as security in order to love the neighbor and welcome the stranger. It will mean avoiding the safe path in order to pursue the good. … [The question is] how can we maintain the posture of an open hand toward a world that scares us?”

Following Jesus in a Culture Full of Fear by Scott Bader-Saye (Brazos Press, 2007),  pp.21-22


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