a sparrow’s sermon

[Commenting on Matthew 6:25-34] “It is a great and abiding disgrace to us that in the Gospel, a helpless sparrow should become a theologian and a preacher to the wisest of men, and daily should emphasize this to our eyes and ears, as if to be saying to us: ‘Look, you miserable man! You have house and home, money and property. Every year you have a field full of grain and other plants of all sorts, more than you ever need. Yet you cannot find peace, and you are always worried about starving. … Though we are innumerable, none of us spends his living days worrying. Still God feeds us every day.”

Martin Luther as quoted in Spiritual Classics : Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups on the Twelve Spiritual Disciplines edited by Richard Foster and Emile Griffin (Harper, 2000), p.121


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