blog on break until Jan. 6

I hope you’ve found this year’s Bible reading project, The Daily Disciple, to be a blessing. This year’s ten-month focus (Jan.-Oct. 2007) on the writings of the apostle Paul was particularly enjoyable and helpful to me.

The next two months (Nov.-Dec. 2007), this blog will be on break. Our next church-wide Bible reading project, Connections, will launch the first Sunday of the year (Jan. 6, 2008). At that time we’ll begin a year-long reading of the Old Testament with special emphasis on its connections with the New Testament. Just as was the case this with this year’s reading project, a complete schedule and brief, daily devotional will be published here in support of the 2008 reading project.

Each year I like to read the Bible from a different translation than I did the year before just to help keep the reading fresh and to keep me on my toes a bit more. If you’d like to do the same with your reading in next year’s Connection project, let me suggest you get a copy of the Full Verse Cross Reference Bible. It’s a one-of-a-kind work that you’ll find yourself turning to again and again in Bible study. What makes it unique? The entire text of key cross-references, not merely the references themselves, serve as the “notes” in this “study Bible,” published on the same page as the Biblical text. What that means is you can let “Scripture serve as commentary on Scripture” quite easily and there’s no more thumbing around through pages to look up a reference. The text is the New Living Translation, a very easy-to-read rendering that is accurate and precise enough for daily reading.

Until we meet here again on Jan. 6, may the grace of God be with you all.