able to make you wise

Read 2 Timothy 3:10-17.

There are a number of things I want in life. I confess, however, that quite a few of them I either have no idea how to attain them or know that even if I could, I might not have the follow through required to gain them.

But one of those items on my my life’s want list is different. I don’t have to wonder how I can get it. I don’t have to wonder whether it will come or not in time. It’s 100% available and attainable to me.

What is it? Wisdom. The wisdom I need to live my life for the God who stooped down and rescued me from myself and everything else. The wisdom I need to be shaped by God and equipped for all that God has in mind for me. The wisdom I need to endure the hardest things in life. The wisdom that enables me to persevere with him to the end. The wisdom I need to live a life that is godly and not merely good. The wisdom I need to be taught, turned and trained by God and to not tripped up by Satan’s trickery and temptations.

That wisdom is available to, and attainable by, anyone who will make knowing “the Holy Scriptures,” with a receptive heart, one of their highest priorities in life. For the Scriptures, and the Scripture alone, are able to make us “wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” (vs.15)

It is the Scriptures I need to “learn” (vs.14). Having learned them I must be “convinced” of them and “continue” in them (vs.14). This in itself requires wisdom, but when consistently put into action in my life, I become “wise for salvation;” I come to possess what one of the things I need, and want, most in life – wisdom from God.

God my Father in heaven, in the name of your son Jesus, give me this wisdom of yours. Wisdom to live for you and not for myself; wisdom to live my life as you designed it to be lived. Amen.