must learn

Read Titus 3:12-15.

“Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good … and not live unproductive lives.” (vs.14)

Several thoughts stand out to me here …

“Our people …” My life as a Christian must become an embodiment of this statement for my life is not my own to do with what I will. I am owned; I belong to God. God keeps me around for his use. My life is not for my pleasure, happiness, entertainment or self-fulfillment. Those are not the ends, but the overflow of “doing good.” My privilege, as well as responsibility, is to deliberately so live as to become something God can use in a productive way among his people as well as in interface with the whole world.

… must learn …” Living with this perspective of things is not an optional thing for me, but a necessity. I simply “must” see the “must” in this word from him.

“… doing what is good … not living unproductive lives … It is all too easy for me to clutter and “hectic up” my life with the doing of many good things, all the while missing out on what is truly needed. And what is that? Saying “No” to nearly everything so I can say “Yes” to the very best things and then, filling my life up with the doing of the best. Doing such will call for repeated, often difficult decisions on a daily basis. I must develop a a strength of will that that does not shy away making of such decisions and I must seek a clarity of mind that recognizes distractions and diversions for what they are in reality.

” … devote themselves …” Becoming this sort of person will require real determination and consistent dedication on my part. I must not become impatient with myself or God, expecting instant or quick results. This way of living is something that I must “learn” and must be something to which I “devote” my life. I can expect this to be a process that lasts the duration of my days. I will die incomplete, still learning, still stretching and reaching out to become what I am called to be. There is no better way to truly “live” my “life” than to be “doing” for Him.

Well, what this verse really needs is to be memorized, mulled over and practiced. So here it is again, interpreted and personalized, ready for you to memorize and to go live. May God be with you – and may you God with God – in the process.

“[As one of God’s people, I must] learn to devote [myself] to doing what is good … and [to deliberately] not live [an] unproductive life.” (vs.14)