man of God

Read 1 Timothy 6:11-16.

Consider carefully the five words/phrases Paul uses here to describe the actions of “a man of God.” Flee. Pursue. Fight. Take hold of. Keep.

All of these words speak of clear determination. The disciple of Christ is a person with their mind fixed on God. God is true north and they are a compass.

These are words of great effort. Believers aren’t slackers or laggards, but people who who hard at their faith and work hard with it. What strength and resources they have in life are put to use for God’s glory.

Continual strength
is called for with this words. Christians carry on when the going is easy and when the going is tough. God gives them that strength and they use it to magnify him, not themselves.

And these words call for complete fulfillment. Christ’s followers don’t do a halfway job with what they set to do for their Master nor are they an on- again, off-again sort of people. As surely as God will fulfill his promises to them eternally, they persevere in striving to obey Him in all things.

Heavenly Father, in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, may the words you call for me to be, be manifest in my ways. As you call on me to bring your words to life in my obedience, may you ever place this living words of yours before my eyes that I may ever recall and see where, and how, to go. Amen.