the most critical quality

“The most critical quality for a manager, whether of property or persons, is humility. … Frequently such a person will need assistance by others. Help should be sought freely, keeping in mind that neither power or wealth should be hoarded. From what we have, those things which should be given are to be given freely and without delay, so that no one shall be angered over possessions.

“… At all times let us recall that every thing which we use in this life was here before us and will be here after we are gone. This world and everything in it is on loan, entrusted to our care for our time. The only significance of ‘things’ is our relationship with them. …

“Those who need little should be thankful. Those who believe they need more should seek to correct this defect. The only genuinely wealthy are those who are satisifed with what they have.”

Always We Begin Again by John McQuiston (Morehouse Publishing, 1996), pp.51,52,53.