Read Philippians 4:4-9.

Making Jesus the joy of your life. Making your gentleness obvious and clear to everyone you meet. Refusing to be easily worried or fear-driven. Wrapping your life around being grateful to God for every good thing. Consistently talking to God, and making specific requests of God.

That’s what Paul says Christians are about every day if they truly realize “the Lord” is always “near.” These are the sort of things disciples do if they want God to envelope their mind with peace.

Deliberately spending your day thinking about good things; all sorts of many, good things from God. Purposefully remembering the example of what you’ve seen solid Christians do in situations like you’re in at any given moment.

These are the habits you will cultivate in your life as a believer if you want to experience “the God of peace” being “with you” as you live your life each day.

Are these the things that characterize your life? Are you known for these ways by others? In your heart can you say that these matters make up the target you aim at each day as you make living for God’s glory your ultimate goal each day? As you yearn for peace in your life, are these habits ones you practice so that peace can come?

Peace. It’s what God gives us as we make him the One our life is truly about.