brother, co-worker, fellow soldier

Read Philippians 2:25-30.

“… Epaphroditus, my brother, co-worker and fellow soldier …” (vs.25)

We all get by with a little help from our friends. The apostle Paul got by with a little help from friends like Epaphroditus.

Each of us needs someone with whom we share Christ. They are a Christian, as we are, too. We share that supreme connection that gives life meaning. They are a brother to us, along with our elder brother, Jesus.

Each of us needs someone with whom we can get things done. Someone with whom we can join together in the production of good. We enjoy with them the teamwork that makes life happen. They are our co-worker in the Lord.

Each of us needs someone we whom we can face the foes that face us. They fight with us as we press on toward the protection and perseverance of our soul.. We experience life with them with a mission in mind and face the execution of that mission together head-on. They are a fellow solider of Christ.

We all need someone, someone to love and someone who loves us as Christ would in return. Someone who loves us enough to stand by us as a brother, co-worker and fellow soldier.

Do you have someone such as this in your life? Then thank God. Are you like this to another? Then continue in it, and thereby, give praise to God.