Read Philippians 1:12-18a.

“… what has happened … has actually served to advance the gospel.” (vs.12)

Reality isn’t always what we think it is.

The world’s most dynamic missionary is imprisoned and in chains, you say? (vs.12-14) No reason to be discouraged; the gospel isn’t chained and or restrained and Paul is sharing the good news with those he shares prison-space with.

Do tell, some are preaching Christ, but not with Christ’s glory in mind, but their own? (vs.15-18) Not to worry, Jesus is far, far greater than any man and that the message about him is getting out at all is part of the miracle that is Christ. Long after such men are gone, Christ will be and the message of him still shared.

When we look at the surface of things in life, it’s ridiculously easy to be disheartened, fearful, worried and discouraged. However, when we choose to look at life through the lens of faith in the God, the God who never stops working, never ceasing reversing what seems irreversible and ever makes good things happen even in the midst of great darkness, life looks very different. What’s actually happening becomes all the more “real.” That is not a Polyanna way of looking at life, but the true Christians walk through life.

Heavenly Father, my eyes are dim. I can only see so far. But your eyes are clear. You see the reality that is far more true than what I can make out. Help me to see things as you see them. Most of all, help me to see you at work in all things. Then Father, in Jesus’ name, may you see me walking beside you, working with you, right there, actually. Amen.