God’s holy people

Read Acts 16:11-40 and Philippians 1:1-2.

“To all God’s holy people in Christ Jesus at Philippi …” (Phil. 1:1b TNIV)

There are people, and then, there are people. Some belong to themselves; some people belong to God.

Some people see their life as their own to do with whatever they will. Others see their life as set apart specifically for God’s use.

Some people look at Jesus Christ as just another  important person in history. Some folks see Jesus as the one through whom God is actively working in their life still today.

Some people think if people ever do connect with God, the time will not be here nor will the place have an earthly zip code. Others believe God walks with them, as it were, in their hometown today.

Some people believe only a few, special people get attention from God. Other people believe God has a special word for all of his people everywhere.

What kind of people are you?

Holy Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ, your holy Son, I pray. As one of your people, lead me in holiness today. Amen.