the kingdom of God

Read Colossians 4:7-18.

The one thing that keeps running through my mind as I read this passage is the fact that the kingdom of God is very different from what might want or expect – thank God!

  • It’s not about rituals; it’s about relationships.
  • It’s not private; it’s public.
  • It’s not about living life led by only our own knowledge; it’s about dependency on words from above that come to us through his chosen instruments.
  • It’s about individuals, but not just individuals; it’s about life together as a community.
  • It’s not about keeping others at arm’s length; it’s about closeness.
  • It’s not about fitting in with life as most people know it and live it out; it’s about building your life around the love of God and loving people the way God cares for them.
  • It’s not about a life of ease; it’s about service, work and duty.
  • It’s not cheap; it’s costly.

Heavenly Father, may the grace of such faith be with me and with us all. Amen.


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