Christ is your life

Read Colossians 3:1-4.

These few words say everything every Christian needs to be reminded of every day, every hour.

Christ … is your life …”

Jesus rules and you’ve been raised up to rule with him. So, let that rule begin with your own heart and mind. You’ll know if he has your heart; your life’s heartbeat won’t be regulated by this world’s – or your world’s – ups and downs. It will be spiritually steady in him. If he has your mind, you will not be obssessed with getting all you can out of this world for yourself, but will be about giving all of yourself to him.

“Christ … is your life …”

You are no longer spiritually naked and vulnerable, but are in the most secure of all places – you are in Christ himself and Christ is in God. You are no longer living a life without promise, but hold the greatest promise of all – you will stand with Christ in glory.

“Christ … is your life …”

Heavenly Father, for this grace, words are not enough. May this promise of yours be my pledge today – Christ is my life and will ever be, from the inside out. Amen.


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