Read Romans 10:5-15.

What’s the point of preaching? Aren’t sermons rather passe? How wearisome to listen to someone talk for awhile without me even having a chance to respond! Aren’t there more interesting and effective ways to get the Christian message across than ‘preaching?’ Isn’t it rather repetitious? How many times does the same thing really need to be said? Sermons are boring. The preacher isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. Shouldn’t our encounter with God and his word be fun and exciting? What’s the point of preaching, really?

Every preacher feels a bit like a comedian well-known in years gone by, the late Rodney Dangerfield. Rodney’s signature refrain was “I don’t get no respect.” (e.g. – “I don’t get no respect. I played hide-and-seek, and they wouldn’t even look for me!”) A part of every preacher wants to cry out: “I don’t get no respect. I tell them about our almighty Maker, our loving Savior and our unbiased, all-knowing Judge and they say I’m not worth listening to!”

So why preach? Because, Paul asks, how else will they hear what they need to say and live – “Jesus is Lord?” How else will they come to trust, to declare, and to do? How else will people be motivated to practice what they have come to believe? How else will they be challenged to see things God’s way, like how all people are equal in God’s eyes? How else will they grasp that someone has come from heaven to them and been raised from the dead for them? How else will they learn they need to be set right with God and justified, and not just keep on rowing merrily down the river of life to an eternity without God? How else will they hear in this world full of bad news, good news straight from God? How else will they escape the shame of living a lifetime in vain?

That’s why I preach. That’s God said preachers have “beautiful feet.” Still, my wife says my toes are ugly (and she’s right). I don’t get no respect. And that’s okay, because Jesus is Lord.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me the best job in the world! I simply can’t even imagine what else I’d rather do than speak of you. May my lips ever give you all the praise and may my life always give you all the respect you are due. Use my lips and life to tell people, all sorts of people, of you, until the day I die, I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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