we do not know … we know

Read Romans 8:26-30.

My mind is full of what I do not know. The things that will ever remain a mystery or wonder to me number far and away more than the things I think I understand. Even the humblest of things, what seemingly would be the simplest of things – like saying what’s on my heart and mind to my Maker – are at times beyond me. I confess that I do not even what I ought to pray for, must less what to do.

But my mind is equally full of the things that I “get.” They aren’t about the things that I say or do, but of God and his work. Namely, that he loves me, long before I ever loved him. That he he has my good in mind in all he does. He is working his plan, sticking to his eternal purpose, of shaping and forming all of his creation – including me – more into the shape of the character of his Son. This is creation’s destiny, to be so loved by God as to be called by him back into a right relationship with him, and thereby, to bask in the glory that is his.

No wonder my mind is full of what I do not know. I am not God. But I am awestruck at the wonder of him.

God, my heavenly Father, what a wonder you are! How holy is your Spirit! Make me more like you. Make my thoughts and ways, desires and deeds, pure and holy like you. This I pray in the wondrous name of Jesus. Amen.


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