in the Spirit

Read Romans 8:9-11.

Who has the final say with my life and what am I to do with it? Those are surely two of the biggest questions every person asks themselves and this passage gives us the answer to both of those questions.

Who has the final say with your life? It depends for you have the power of choice. You can either be controlled by your sinful nature or you can be “in the Spirit.” That is, you can try to live your life without total, practical reliance on God or you can live as a true Christian with the gift of God’s Spirit living within you. So who has the final say in your life? It’s between you and God.

What are you to do with your life? We all know our lives are fleeting; we all face the death of our bodies. But what are we to do with the life we have in the flesh in the meantime? We’re to choose to belong to Jesus Christ; to have the Spirit of Christ in us and about us in all of our ways. Life is about living for Jesus with the life the comes from his Holy Spirit. It’s about living in a trusting way that Christ has conquered death and that his Spirit gives us life not just for the here and now, but for our life beyond the grave.

Who has the final say in your life and what are you to be about with your life? Christians believe the answer is obvious and clear. Life is about living out the life of the Spirit of God to the glory of God our Father by trusting and following Jesus Christ every hour of every day.

In the name of your Son, Jesus, I come praying, Father God. Help me to sense my true belonging with you. May my life be obviously controlled by your Spirit today. You are about nothing but righteousness; may this be what I am about today. Amen.


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