Read Romans 5:12-21.

The apostle Peter once said that Paul’s letters “contain some things that are hard to understand.” (2 Peter 3:16) For all I know, he might have had this passage of Paul’s in mind when he said that. I confess – this is a hard passage for me to wrap my mind around.

But at least this much I understand – and it’s the main point of this passage. There was a time when death (the result of sin) “reigned” (vs.14). That time is past though, for God’s grace rules now (vs.21). And because his grace reigns, we rule (vs.17b), through Jesus Christ (vs.21b)!

God my Father in Heaven, you rule! You have slammed down my greatest foes, sin and death, and have set your invincible guards beside me called grace” and “righteousness.” You God, are an awesome God – and you reign! Amen!


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