we boast in God

Read Romans 5:9-11.

Things wear out with time and use. Words are that way, too. The word “saved” here has almost no meaning left to it to us today; we’ve used the word so many times we’ve nearly worn it down to the nub. So let’s this passage sharpen it a bit for us in our minds.

To be “saved” means to be “rescued,” to be “snatched from danger.” We know what that’s about; we all commonly hear and see on the news today stories of dramatic rescues of all sorts. Coal miners, entombed alive, are delivered from their apparent grave and brought to the surface. A drowning child sucked under by a rip tide is brought back to shore by a lifeguard, given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and breathes again. A young man is cut out of the wreckage of an automobile accident by the jaws-of-life just in time to save him from bleeding to death. “Saved” may be a worn out word, but “rescued” isn’t.

We all also have seen interviews of those who have been rescued. We’ve heard what they have to say about their rescuers and how they said that. They weep. They hug. They shout and laugh. They boast of their rescuer’s bravery and sacrifice, strength and love. You can’t hardly shut them up. They want the world to know exactly what it what was done for them, for they know they will be indebted to their rescuer(s) for the rest of their lives, having been snatched from death’s jaws by them.

Spiritually speaking, that is precisely what this passage in front of us reminds us about as Christians. In fact, it dwells on two matters pertaining to our spiritual rescue: what we were rescued “from” and who it is that rescued us. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rescued us from God’s great anger. Our will, words and ways had proven us to be God’s enemies, but Jesus intervened and made our reconciliation with God possible.

Talk about a “rescue!” Why, I’ve been saved! And you’ll never be able to shut me up about it!

Heavenly Father, my own sins had me in a very dangerous place – in your holy presence with no one to intercede for me. My death forever was close at hand. But you stretched out your own Son’s hands to reach into my dying ways and save me. Words cannot express what I now know and feel. I thank you. I praise you. And I will do so by gratefully living for you the rest of my days. Amen!


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