you see

Read Romans 5:6-8.

Paul uses three words to describe a person who does not have God in their life – they are powerless, ungodly sinners.

Sinner. An active word. At odds with that’s right. Missing the mark. Shooting for the wrong things in life.

Ungodly. A passive word. Out of touch with the One who is the source of life. Missing out on the meaning of things. Empty of the one thing that was intended for life – a relationship with God.

Powerless. Beyond weak. Helpless. Can’t do anything about the fix they’re in.

That’s the way things stood – until God stepped in and did something about it through Jesus Christ. When he demonstrated his love. When Christ laid down his life. When he did all of that for us.

Father God, in the name of him who died for me and for the sake of him who is your ultimate demonstration of love, this ungodly, powerless – but now rescued! – sinner says, “Thank you!” Amen.


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