against all hope

Read Romans 4:18-25.

Are you like me? Those opening words are still ringing in my ears even after I’ve finished reading the whole paragraph.

“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed …”

Those words still describe us today, too, those of us who believe.

Abraham was called to believe God would bring forth a son for Abraham from his wife’s dead womb; we’re called to believe God brought forth his son from the dead, from a tomb.

Abraham had to face the fact that he was powerless to “help God along” with the fulfillment his promise; he faced the fact that his own body was good as dead. We too who believe, must face a harsh reality, namely that we can’t make ourselves right with God by anything we ourselves do; we’re dependent on God’s power for that to have a chance of happening.

Strengthened in his faith by seeing God work in his life in many big and small ways across time, Abraham’s faith didn’t waver; he continued to believe. And so it is with us. Though recipients of a fantastic promise, a promise that contradicts all earthly, logical hope, we continue to believe that Jesus was raised from the grave and we will be, too,

“Against all hope, I believe.”

Heavenly Father, you call me to walk by faith, not by sight. You expect me to believe with my heart in spite of what mt head may say. You credit to me what I do not deserve and make me right before you, though I know the wrong in my life is far, far  more than even I know of myself. And so, I ask you for strength to do one thing – to give you glory, and to never stop. For I believe, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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