he believed

Read Romans 4:1-17.

When I think of Abraham, a number of things come to mind. How God made some truly remarkable promises to him. How God expected a great deal of him without Abraham being able to know the outcome of his actions. How Abraham had his fair share of up’s and down’s as he strove serve this promising, expecting God that was so different from the ones his father had served. How Abraham’s family, friends and foes were greatly affected by his decisions and perseverance in them. And all of it is because:

“… Abraham believed God …”

Now in my life, virtually everything is quite different from Abraham. After all, I am not a wandering Jew from the other side of the globe from many centuries past. But one thing must we must have in common:

“David believes God …”

And such has made all the difference in my life. For the One in whom I trust is the One Abraham believed. God expects great things of me.

Increase my faith, Lord!

I am an heir to the fulfillment of promises too fantastic for words.

I praise you for your grace, God!

Everyone connected with my life is affected by my trust, or the lack thereof.

Lord, make me a lighthouse of faith that reflects your holiness.

I am a man with many up’s and downs as I journey toward God.

Father, forgive me of my acts of unbelief!



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