there is only one God

Read Romans 3:27-31.

No one, be they Jew or Gentile, has an inside track with God. All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. There is, therefore, no room for boasting. For we all have one major problem.

There is one – only One – who has the solution to this problem. There is only one God we can turn to with trust to get us out of this jam we put ourselves in. Everyone was created by this one God and, therefore, must needs come to him to be set right with him.

To say such doesn’t make void any of the blessings he gave his chosen people of ages past, the Jews. Nor does saying such enable Gentiles to tower over anyone else. Everything God has had written declares this. If there is “law,” this is it – faith is essential and without it, it is impossible to please him.

We all must come to faith. We all need to trust him. If not him, pray tell who?

Father God, I believe You. You’re the One. Forgive me of any doubt. May your way of faith be my life’s law. Amen.


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