the whole world held accountable

Read Romans 3:9-20.

Some trust they will be able to stand before God someday having lived a life ignoring him here. Others believe their attentiveness to him here will cause them to receive the declaration “righteous” from God. But Paul here dares to tells us the unvarnished truth – we all are big screw-ups in God’s eyes. Acting like God isn’t real doesn’t make God go away. Neither does banking on our fastidiousness of obeying every detail we believe has come from him clear our way to him.

For all of us – no exceptions – there is this mountain of a wall between us and God. And this mountain has a name. Sin. Indeed, as Paul pictures it here, sin is not so much a mountain between us and God so much as it is that we are crushed under the weight of this mountain. We are:

   “… under the power of sin.” (vs.9)

Now it’s extremely difficult to get over a mountain, but such might be doable. But we live in a tiny pocket centered within the base of a enormous mountain. Who can possibly dig out from under it? Escape on our own is beyond impossible, it is ludicrous. We are buried under a mountain, entombed alive by our sins, and with each passing day with use up what little oxygen we have left with our sins of disrespect, deceit and division.

“All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one. ” (vs.12)

If there is any hope whatsoever, it can come only from the outside. Someone must come and have what it takes to dig us out and rescue us from the dense, dark weight of our own wrong doings.

Heavenly Father, here my cry – rescue me from this grave I have dug for myself. Send your best into my heart to save me, I pray! Amen.


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