let God be true

Read Romans 3:1-8.

If you’ve ever played peek-a-boo with a small child before, you can relate to this passage. You know the experience – when they cover their eyes they think you can’t see them anymore since they can’t see you. They have yet to grasp the fact that their lack of vision of reality doesn’t change the reality of things around them.

Sin is like that; it closes our eyes. And being what we are, little children, spiritually speaking, we sometimes deceive ourselves into thinking that God must somehow have changed, too. We may even sink so far down into, or become so numb to, a sinful habit  that our whole perception of God is altered. And what do we do? We begin to justify our sinfulness or even blame God, directly or indirectly, for what’s messed up in our life.

The reality of things, whether we care to seem them or not, is that our unfaithfulness doesn’t nullify God’s faithfulness. Our unholiness certainly does not make him any less holy. God is true even if every person in humankind was/is/will be a blind liar.

Father in heaven, you alone are holy, faithful and true. I want to see you clearly for who you are. Keep me from willful blindness of who you are indeed. May I not try to pin the blame on you, rather, may I own up to the fact that if anyone fails in this relationship with you, it is not you, but me. In the name of your righteous Son I pray. Amen.


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