Read Romans 2:17-29.

If you call yourself one of God’s people. If you rely on your Bible as your guide in life. If you take great pride in being a part of God’s work in this world. If you know your Bible forwards and backwards. If you believe your eye and heart are trained to see truth and the reality of this world more clearly than many. If you believe you’re in a position to help someone else see God more clearly. If you believe you can sometimes steer people from folly, instruct people who are spiritual infants, and in general, teach others about the Lord a bit. If you turn up your nose at immorality, decry materialism and claim to be an obedient saint of God . . .

Are you yourself truly teachable? Are you truly open to God genuinely changing your life? Are you his, I mean really his, from the inside out? Are you aware that your baptism away back is totally meaningless if your heart isn’t immersed in him daily? Are you capable of admitting that you’re a great big, greasy sinner totally dependent on the mercy of the living and just God?

Well, if you’re not …

Then there are surely people who find your life not a call to believe, but just another reason not to bother.

Mighty God my Father, in the name of Jesus, your Son, please have mercy on me, your often erring child. Let me not rest in false security. Shake some sense into me and help me to see the urgency of the reality of your Son living through me. For the sake of all those around me, as well as my own, I pray. Amen.


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