without excuse

Read Romans 1:18-23.

Q. Humankind, we have a problem. What’s up?
A. Godlessness, wickedness and suppression of the truth (vs.18). We do not glorify God or give thanks to God (vs.21). We have become futile in the way we think and our foolish hearts are darkened (vs.21). Though we claim to be wise we are actually fools (vs.22). We have traded the glory of God for the far lesser glory of created beings (vs23).

Q. Okay, where has God been all the while this has been going down?
A. What may be known about God is plain because God made it plain to us all (vs.19). Since the first of creation his qualities, power and divinity have been clearly seen (vs.20).

Q. So where do we stand now?
A. We are without excuse (vs.20).

Father, in Jesus’ name, have mercy on us forgive us, for we know not what we are doing!


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