that our boasting not prove hollow

Read 2 Corinthians 9:1-5.

In overhearing Paul’s coaxing of the Corinthians to keep the commitments made, we’re surely reminded of how we constantly we need others in our life to do the same for us. To encourage us on in the actual walking of our talk. We’re reminded, too, of of the way God coaxes each of us today to fulfill our vows to him.

How did the Corinthians respond? We don’t know; the record that follows is silent. I want to believe, as did Paul, that they came through with flying colors. But whether they did or not, we know the faithful witness of others, like Paul, who helped hold them accountable in a very positive, confident (Paul says “boasting”) sort of way, is precisely what they needed in their lives.

I have to wonder: how do I respond to those with whom God has surrounded me who help hold me accountable to my Christian commitments? I know others are counting on me in my commitments, as is my Lord. How then do I do with my follow-through?

Heavenly Father, you amaze me in your confidence in me. Your patient, persistent care nudges me along in the growth of my heart for you. I confess to you, and ask forgiveness for the fact, that I often try your confidence and let you down. Still, you urge me on, and often, through the words and ways of those around me.  Thank you, Father. Give me the grace, I pray to be this same way toward all my brothers and sisters in Christ – patiently, persistently urging and calling them on to carry through with the promises they have made to you by becoming believers in your Son. I pray this in his name. Amen.


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