finish the work

Read 2 Corinthians 8:8-15.

The general subject here is the collection Paul is taking up from the Gentile churches for the poverty-stricken Christians in the far-away Jerusalem church. The specific interest is how Paul is urging the  Christians in Corinth to participate as they should in this active expression of care for others. They had been the first to get out of the blocks in this race of love (vs.10), but had yet to finish the course (vs.11). They were blessed with the ability and means to give (vs.14), but the question is whether their expression of love sincere?  Would it follow through in their giving as they should? (vs.8).

Thank you Father in heaven for always finishing what you start. You don’t run out of fuel in the follow-through of your love. Your sacrificial giving is ever posted before me even as I pray in the name of your great sacrifice, Jesus, your Son. I confess to you that I am all too often not like you. All too often I do not finish what I start; my spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Forgive me of this, I pray, and develop within me greater depth and reality to the sincerity of the love for you that I profess, that my life might be more like that of your Son, giving and giving and giving until my life here is gone. Amen.


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