open wide your hearts

Read 2 Corinthians 6:11-13.

Transparency and vulnerability have their risks; an open heart is hurt when it does not receive openness in return. Consequently, no small number of people think they do themselves some service by walling themselves off from others.

However, few things could be further from the truth. The Christ who saves us is the same Christ who adds to his community, his family. Relationships between brothers and sisters in Christ should, read that, must, be about open-heartedness, else they become nothing deeper or more mature more than what the world has to offer. The crown of two-way, open-hearted relationships is had only by shouldering the cross of of transparency and vulnerability. Such faith in others, based on our faith in God, moves us to take risks in loving others like we have never done before.

Of course, nothing compels openness like openness made obvious. Sometimes it is our lot to risk, to initiate the process by being open, not knowing how we will be received. Sometimes it is our opportunity to respond well in light of the openness of others to us. In either, and every case, may our heart’s affections be set on Christ and others more so than ourselves.

God my Father, my heart is an open book to you. As your Son laid down his life for me while my heart was still closed to him, may I ever open wide my heart to your people, that I might truly imitate your heart. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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