all this is from God

Read 2 Corinthians 5:16-6:2.

A reconciliation has taken place; the ruptured relationship between me and God has been healed. Everything I ever did that caused the breach in the first place, God has taken upon himself to forgive; he doesn’t count them against me anymore at all. My old self has passed away and the creation of a new me is reality. I have a ministry, a mission in life now, namely, helping others to experience this same reconciliation. The way I can look at people has radically changed now; now I can see others, all others, through the eyes of someone with a obvious purpose and clear message in life. Further, there’s heart for the mission and message with which I’ve been entrusted, a heart that implores for people to experience what I have experienced – a healed relationship, a peace agreement, with their Maker through his offer he has laid down for all, Jesus Christ.

And all of this – every bit of it – is from God.

Dear God, I do not deserve such blessing. How can you possibly forgive me of all I have done to you again and again, all of my life? Yet you have. You have done the impossible for me. You have given me, the offender in our relationship, mercy upon mercy through Jesus Christ. You have chosen to take the hit, the hit that I deserve. Now how can I thank you for this? Help me find the ways each day. Lead me to some soul today to whom I can be a bit of a tool in your hands for the furtherance of your great love and mercy, forgiveness and healing. I ask this in the name of him who is our peace, Jesus. Amen.


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