what is to come

Read 2 Corinthians 5:1-5.

When inquiring about someone’s health, it’s not unusual for me to hear Christians say these days, particularly if they’ve been diagnosed with some non-life-threatening ailment “Well, it’s certainly better than the alternative!” They’re referring, of course, to death. In fact, I hear this so often now that I’ve gotten to where I often candidly respond, “Really? Are you sure about that?” or “How could that be?”

You should see some of the looks I get!

But I’m not trying to be callous or uncaring when I ask such. Quite the opposite actually! No, I’m trying to get Christians to truly think about the fact that they are the bearers of any real hope that is to be found in this world. For Christians, to live is to live for Jesus Christ and to die, well, that is only great gain! This world is not our home; we’re just passing through. We don’t belong in this world; our citizenship is in heaven. Our treasures aren’t laid up here, but with God our Father.

Such is Paul’s thought in this passage; death is the gateway to extraordinary blessing for devoted disciples of Jesus! He puts the matter three ways. (1) “An eternal house in heaven.” (2) “To be clothed with our heavenly dwelling.” (3) “What is mortal [will] be swallowed up by life.”

Yes, the world may say, “It’s better than the alternative!,” but to those who know the Lord, well, we know much better, and we groan in body and spirit to be at home with our God.

Heavenly Father, Almighty you are indeed for not even death can stand before you! In the name of him who is risen from the dead then, raise up in my mind and heart complete confidence of your good work for my blessing in this life and the one to come. Increase my faith. Show me just how bright Christian hope can be. And may I consistently radiate that hope to all around me. Amen.


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