what we preach

Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-6.

There is a way of “doing Christianity” that is full of (in the words of this apostle), secret, shameful, deceptive, distorted and complex ways. That shouldn’t shock us because there is something in our fallen, human nature that lusts continually for such.

  • We are drawn to the thought that we’re on the inside track of something and are others are on the outs; so we chase secretive ways.
  • We like to have our cake and eat it to, to be counted as a Christian and not really have to change our lives; so we look for shameful ways.
  • We readily swallow whatever comes by that is marketed well and promises things we want to hear; so we give ear and heart to deceptive ways.
  • We are not comfortable with reality and gladly given credence to a new “spin” or “take” on things that recast the image of things; so we bend our minds around distorted ways.
  • And if something is simple, well, we think it must not be very sophisticated and simply can’t be up to speed; so we look for complex ways.

Father God, deliver us from any faith that puts the spotlight on our doings rather than your mercy. May we not lose heart for your genuine work in our lives, whether by giving out or by giving over to cheap faith. Nurture a heart content within us to simply be servants of your Son, lest we be found putting ourselves at the center rather than your Christ. Amen.


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