the depth of my love

Read 2 Corinthians 1:23-2:4.

“… the point the Apostle is making is that he adjusted his plan [to visit the Corinthians] precisely for the purpose of avoiding a sorrowful encounter with them – sorrow in that he would find them disobedient and recalcitrant and that he would have to correct them with a rod. … The sorrow envisaged here is that produced by unrepentance on their part, resulting for him in disappointment and for them in chastisement …

“Genuine love always experience profound grief when it perceives those who loved falling into error and disloyalty; it always manifests itself in deep concern for their best and highest interests. By writing, rather than immediately coming to them in person with a rod, he lovingly afforded them an opportunity for self-examination, repentance, and reformation. This passage, as [James] Denny says, ‘reveals, more clearly perhaps than any passage in the New Testament, the essential qualification of the Christian minister – a heart pledged to his brethren in the love of Christ … Depend upon it,’ he counsels, ‘ we shall not make others weep for that which we have not wept; we shall not make that touch the hearts of others which has not first touched our own.'” (Philip Hughes; The Second Epistle of Second Corinthians; pp.53-54)

Father God, as surely as you are patient with me and give me another day of life to the end that I might use it to turn my heart more completely toward you, may I have this heart and loving way toward others. You relish seeing mercy triumph over justice, so help me become more like you in this way I pray. I ask in the name of him who laid down his life for me. Amen.


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