Model One on the line

Cassie Works, the development arm of Smith Enterprises, recently announced that  nineteen months of research, design and development efforts have paid off with the movement of their first product onto the assembly line. ‘Model One,’ the company’s code name for the project, is scheduled for release sometime early this fall.

Though most of Model One’s features and details have not yet been made public, I was able to catch up recently with Jonathan Smith, Smith Enterprise’s CEO, for further insight. Smith said: “Our prayer is that Model One will be a fitting representative of what our Maker has designed us to be and to do the combined heritage of Smith Company and Griffin Industries proud.” Smith Company and Griffin Industries merged in May 2005. The result of this merger, Smith Enterprises, makes it’s home office in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Smith went on to say: “It’s an exciting time for us! I’m personally humbled to have a hand in this fearful and wonderful adventure that has so much promise and potential. Cassie Works has done nothing but quality work with production and assembly thus far. We have every reason to believe that when Model One is knit together in the coming months, the final product will far exceed all the efforts and investments made to this point. We solicit the public’s patient prayers toward product delivery.”

Translation – I’m going to be a grandpa! Whoo-hoo!


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