Bruce Metzger’s death

If you you virtually any modern English translation of the Bible, you owe a great debt to the work of Dr. Bruce Metzger. Many of us preacher types regularly make good use of one or more of a number of his books and videos. In fact, it’s Dr. Metger’s DVD entitled Breaking the Code: Understanding the Book of Revelation that I’m using right now as a part of the Sunday morning and Wednesday night studies of the Book of Revelation right now at MoSt Church.

Dr. Metzger died Tuesday at the age of 93. Following are several links to articles about Bruce Metzger and his scholarly service to the Christian community.

Announcement of his death in the Princeton Theological Seminary bulletin.

John Piper lists on his blog five, enjoyable memories of Dr. Metzger.

Ben Witherington, a fine New Testament scholar had Dr. Metzger as a prof; here are some of his reflections on Dr. Metzger’s life and work.


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