online resources on Paul

As I prepare to focus on a single disciple’s life in Christ for most of next year’s Sunday morning preaching – the life of the apostle Paul – I’ve been searching for good resources on the Web. Following are some gleanings of what I’ve come up with so far. You’ve got to move a lot of dirt to uncover some gold, but here is some of the gold that’s out there.


As Paul Tells It
by J. Peter Bercovitz

Footsteps of Paul

Journeys of Paul by Craig Koester

NT Maps & Artifacts

The Paul Page


Pauline Chronology


St. Paul: The Traveller and Roman Citizen by Sir William Ramsey

Assorted articles, interviews, etc.

Paul’s Congregations by L. Michael White (PBS Frontline)

Paul in Recent Research by John McRay

Paul’s Mission & Letters
by Wayne Meeks (PBS Frontline)

Paul’s Preaching Ministry by James Thompson

Paulus Senex by Abraham Malherbe

The Extent of Christian Theological Diversity: Pauline Evidence by Jeff Peterson

The Message & Mission of Paul by James Tabor

The Unity of the Church in Paul by Abraham Malherbe


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