310+ families!

This afternoon’s food distribution is, of course, the big news to report. “How many families showed up for food?” is the question. Though we don’t have a hard and fast number yet, Ron Knapp, the man who handed out the forms, says “something over 310.” I think Ron summed it all up best, too when I asked him what this food distribution meant to him:

Going to heaven!

This food distribution is a community-wide effort. The community as a whole provides the supply of food, MoSt Church supplies much of the strength in terms of distribution and the people in need are supplied with sustenance for the day. But it is God our Father who ultimately provides all the supplies, strength and sustenance so to Him be all the glory and praise! To all who helped in any way, shape or form with this effort – may God bless you for your service to others in His name!


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