the Ruth we knew

This morning I helped conduct the funeral service for a long-time member of the church of which I am a part. Ruth Dooley was a sister in Christ, a friend to me and a blessing to many. Following are some of the quotes from Ruth’s friends that I shared during this morning’s service. The Ruth we knew was . . .

A woman who listened to God’s word

“For years during sermons she had a spiral notebook where she took detailed notes. It reminded me of taking notes during lectures in college and how those notes would be used.”

A woman who yielded to God’s will

“The lasting image I have of her is that she was a woman of great faith who was trying her best to hear and do what God had for her.”

A woman who trusted God

“… expanding trust in God to make a way – that’s [what] Ruth liked to do a lot.”

A woman who released herself to God

“She taught me how to lean on God’s understanding and not my own.”

A woman who talked with God

“All my ‘Ruth stories’ are about prayers answered by her awesome God. … If you knew Ruth, you were going to be prayed for. It didn’t matter if you were her grandchild or a checker at the grocery store, your troubles were her opportunity to pray for you.”

A woman who walked with God

“… her passion [was] that each believer have a deep and abiding relationship with [God] and out of that relationship would naturally blossom obedience to [him].

A woman with courage from God

“She was a gutsy lady and lived her life fiercely, always with undeterred faith.”

A woman who loved her family with God’s love

“.. She loved and bragged on her man all the time, she knew she was a very blessed woman to have him.”

A woman who shared encouragement from God

“Her own powerful confidence and trust in God conveyed courage and comfort to me … [her] unwavering faith and encouragement sustained and supported me during a time when I was weak, uncertain.”

“She literally kept me going with a daily e-mail of encouragement, scripture or prayer. … She was the most supportive and loyal person I ever had the privilege of knowing as a friend.”

A woman who loved God

“Ruth loved God and didn’t care who knew it. Plain and simple.”

How shall we live here and now and how will we be remembered when we are gone?

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21)


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