the tough stuff sermons

Most of my sermons this year with MoSt Church on Sunday mornings have focused on some of the most difficult things Jesus ever said. This has been one of the most personally challenging things I’ve ever worked through; I wish I had done this years ago (a word to all of you preacher-types out there – drop everything and just do a series like this one soon; you’ll be blessed, big-time).

By way of review, an outline of those sermons follows below. If you were to make a list of the hardest things Jesus ever said – not necessarily hard to understand, rather, hard to put into accept and practice – what passages would make your list? And most importantly, what will you and I do to accept and live out these hard words of our Lord?

The Tough Stuff: The Hard Sayings of Jesus – 4/23
Focus: introduction

Who Do You Love More? – 4/30
Luke 14:25-27 / Matthew 10:37-39
Focus: discipleship

The Well-To-Do Have It Toughest of All – 5/7
Mark 10:21,23
Focus: money, possessions

Better to Live Out Your Worst Nightmare – 5/28
Matthew 18:5-6
Focus: respect, offense

Don’t Even Look Back – 6/4
Luke 9:57-62
Focus: endurance, perseverance

My Father – 6/18
Luke 2:49; 23:46
Focus: submission (Father’s Day)

The Fear That Casts Out Fear
– 6/25
Matthew 10:28
Focus: godly fear

Whatever, Whoever, Never – 7/2
Mark 3:28-29
Focus: resistance; forgiveness with God

Unless – 7/9
Matthew 18:35
Focus: forgiveness of others

We Have Nothing to Fear – 7/16
Mark 4:40
Focus: fear

Unless You Become Like Little Children – 8/6
Matthew 18:1-5
Focus: humility; abandon

But That’s Not Fair – Thank God! – 8/13
Matthew 20:1-16
Focus: grace

We Are Not Privileged People (aka: The Cancer of Entitlement) – 8/20
Luke 17:7-10
Focus: attitude

I Will Build My Church – 8/27, 9/3 (3-part; am & pm)
Matthew 16:18
Focus: fellowship & maturity

I Am With You Always – 9/10
Matthew 28:20
Focus: God’s presence & provision

Forced Entry – 9/17
Luke 16:16
Focus: determination

Dodge Dinner and Die – 9/24
Luke 14:15-24
Focus: rejection

By Every Word – 10/1
Matthew 4:4
Focus: God’s word, spiritual food

Becoming Worship – 10/8
John 4:23-24
Focus: worship

About Divorce & Remarriage – 10/15
Matthew 19:1-12; Mark 10:1-12; Luke 16:18
Focus: marriage, divorce & remarriage

What the Tough Stuff Has Taught Me So Far – 10/22
Focus: series review

As I Have Loved You – 10/29
John 13:34-35; 15:12-13
Focus: brotherly love

His Peace is Unique – 11/5
John 14:27; 16:33
Focus: peace

That All of Them May Be One
– 11/12
John 17:20-23
Focus: unity

Stop Swimming in the Shallows! – 11/19
John 7:24
Focus: judging, assuming

Ask Whatever You Wish – 11/26
John 15:7
Focus: prayer

And He’s Blessing Us Still – 12/3
Luke 24:50-53
Focus: series summation, conclusion


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