look at all the lonely people

These days, do you have fewer people who you are not related to that you would call “good friends?”

Do you have more “acquaintances,” but fewer “friends” now?

Has the amount of “face time” you spend with others significantly shrunk the past ten years or so?

Are you spending more time at work and less time at church assemblies than you did in years gone by?

When you are off work, do you spend more time at home and less time “out and about” than you used to?

Are you less involved with social activities and community matters now than in times past?

    If just one of those questions tags you, then let me urge you to read today’s editorial in Christianity Today – “Look at All the Lonely People.” This article knocks on the door of what I believe is one of the most critical factors affecting Americans today, Christian and non-Christian alike. Read this editorial thoughtfully and prayerfully and make the suggestion at the conclusion of this editorial one of your top priorities in life for the coming year. I’d add only one thought to that application – set out to make a new friend, a good friend of someone within MoSt Church, too.

    In the related readings list that follows the editorial, be sure you check out the article on Social Isolation in the Washington Post. And if you’re up to reading in-depth on this subject, I’d encourage you to read Robert Putnam’s book Bowling Alone.