Daniel & Revelation

As we wind up our church-wide two-year through-the-whole-Bible reading project this month we’re going through two pieces of literature that are apocalyptic in nature – Daniel and Revelation. If you’re looking for sane, simple commentaries based on solid scholarship on these two books, let me recommend:

On Daniel: Daniel (OT Daily Study series)

Most of what’s in print on Daniel falls into one of two categories: (1) scholarly to the point of being in the stratosphere or (2) popular in nature and mighty messed up in terms of interpretation. However, this little book by D.S. Russell brings the finest of scholarship on Daniel down to the level of the common Bible reader and truly works at making personal application.

On Revelation: The Lamb and His Enemies by Rubel Shelly

If you buy only one book on Revelation, this is the one to get, if you’re the “Average Joe in the pew.” You can certainly buy more detailed commentaries, but you won’t find one more simply written, easily understood and big on personal application.